Gokei Dragon

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Guard Your Home, Calm Your Mind, and Impress Your Guests!

Cleanse all negative energy that may settle in your home under the protection of the Gokei Dragon. Let his warm aromatherapy breathe to fill your room and tone you guys down. Apart from that, his dashing & charismatic appearance is sure to be one piece that your guests won't stop talking about. 

How to Use

1. Burn the Hazeseed
2. Wait till the haze start to appear
3. Put the cone on the top of your Hazefalls burner
  1. Handmade Gokei Dragon Burner (L 5" x H 2" / L 12.7 cm x H 5.08 cm)

  2. A Bonus Pack of 20 various scented Hazeseeds.

  3. Free Worldwide Shipping

  1. Improved quality of sleep

  2. Reducing stress & anxiety

  3. Improved Digestive Functions

  4. Strengthen the Immune System

  5. Inducing calmness & a feeling of well-being

  6. Reduce minor illnesses such as headaches & sore joint

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Why Aromatherapy?

Take a break from your routine

We understand that life can be stressful and one day it feels like the hits just keep coming. Therefore, we are inspired to provide a complete solution for your daily relaxation needs by combining calming aromatherapy aromas and a beautiful cascade effect to home decor.